Minecraft best mod

By admin 20.09.2018 Client

Minecraft best mod at least you will, when you try this fantastic Mod. With the Planes Mod you can use many different Planes to explore the Minecraft World from the eyes of a bird.

Compete with your friends in the air shooting them to the ground. Make your own planes and become the best of the best. Have you ever wanted to soar above the world of Minecraft in something you created? I know I have and now that is possible, with a planes mod. The planes mod is a mod that you install in the game, that allows planes to be used. Imagine yourself on a team with your friends, against another team. Because you have downloaded this mod you now can go to war against each other.

Each team builds their own plane and takes to the sky. These planes not only look cool, but actually function like a real plane. You can now bomb the enemy’s base or take their plane right out of the sky. Before this mod, Minecraft was about survival. With this mod the game can become more fun than it have ever been. Turn on creative mode and get to work, you have planes to build. Either way, Minecraft has another option to make the game exponentially more fun.

If you’re more of a hardcore Minecraft player, this mod is a must have. Planes add depth to the game and give you more reasons to go look for materials. For example, you are creating a bunch of planes so your friends can all have one, but in order to make them, you need supplies. Once you find the supplies for one plane, you can take to the sky to find more.