Minecraft character costumes

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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Comic books consistently create worlds where men have super strength and women have scientifically impossible body proportions, which are the first two indicators to readers that they shouldn’t expect to see anything remotely possible, let alone realistic, in the well-drawn pages to follow. Donald Duck is no stranger to inventing things, whether it be movies, scientific theories, or entire comic book genres. So none of you should be surprised to learn that he also dipped his webbed toes into the business of creating a video game world — before video games were even invented. Donald Duck, responsible for absolutely everything since 1934. And they would have really been on to something different and new if only Donald Duck hadn’t done it all first back in 1949.

Actually, never mind, the smoke’s not square, this is bullshit. Donald discovered a Minecraft-like world in a story called Lost in the Andes! Donald and his nephews stumbled upon an isolated city called Plain Awful, where, like Minecraft, absolutely everything is made of blocks, including buildings, rocks, animals, and hills. I’m literally going to shit a brick. For example, one of the main activities in Minecraft is, well, mining, which, sure, is a little on the nose, but it’s also the main pastime of the folks in Plain Awful, and where they sentence Scrooge to do hard labor after he brings a circular object into their city. Despite the importance of chickens as a food source in both worlds, neither one feels the need to pen up the hundreds and hundreds of birds they depend on for survival, as it seems free range is just that much more delicious. To be clear, we can’t state conclusively that Minecraft stole this idea from the cartoon ducks that have basically invented American art culture, but we also can’t come up with a single alternative.