Minecraft furry skins

By admin 30.09.2018 Client

I think they need more chicken pox. Sooo when’s the next seecret Friday update topic minecraft furry skins up?

I don’t quite understand your logic. Why do they have chicken pox? And you could do some shading on that shirt. Pretty plain and like someone said, shading would be great. Your spots also dont blend in with I imagine is fur on his body, and as such they look like chicken pox.

Mod Edit: Try to add a little more substance to your post next time. The skins need more shading, as has already been stated. Would you dare to meet the gaze of the basilisk, or face the flames as the phoenix burns? And if I get chicken pox from having to clean this thread, god help you all. Is that first skin a giraffe? Allocators are no longer the future, we have Hoppers now.