Minecraft pe custom texture packs

By admin 29.10.2018 Client

If you are looking minecraft pe custom texture packs a pink and joyful texture pack to completely change the graphics of the game then this pack is a great option. And since it was originally created for the PC version of Minecraft it replaces almost all blocks and items in the game. By the way, kawaii translates cute in Japanese.

The part in the description which says Kawaii translates cute in Chinese is wrong. Fun fact: Kawaii actually translates to cute in Japanese. I can’t open it in mc. Really love this texture pack, really, me and my cousin made a pretty big world using this texture, though since the new update came out, for 1. 1 , whenever you go into your decoration for inventory, most of the time you crash, then it gets annoying, so please update and texture the beds! How do we download the map? Every time I rename It to: mcpack.

I open it to minecraft, it says something like this, failed to import. Hey it only has a zip can you fix that please? Hey could you make it so we don’t have to extract the file please make it so we can just download it from here right to Minecraft! If possible thanks, the texture looks nice really nice! But I would like to be able to download it! Um, I kinda did, but not everyone knows that. But they are all the same, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.